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Do you need an asbestos refurbishment / demolition survey for your project?

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An asbestos refurbishment / demolition survey can play a key role in preventing workers from being exposed to potentially deadly asbestos fibres, as well as protecting employers from the possibility of legal action.

This sort of asbestos survey - which was previously known as a Type 3 Survey - is designed to ensure that all asbestos containing materials in the building are located and identified before refurbishment or demolition work commences.

Where the surveyor identifies that asbestos is present, it can be safely removed by a specialist contractor prior to work starting in that part of the building or, in some circumstances, work can be planned in a way that will not disturb the substance.

When is an asbestos refurbishment / demolition survey required?

Having a refurbishment / demolition survey undertaken is a legal requirement before any job involving the upgrading, refurbishment or demolition of non-domestic premises, or similar work in the common parts of domestic premises (such as the boiler room or lift shaft in an apartment building).

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that this type of survey is completed by a specialist surveyor, as it is a complex job that involves destructive testing.

Failure to obtain a refurbishment / demolition survey before commencing work is a breach of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and can lead to a significant fine. While it is the duty holder’s responsibility to commission the survey, contractors should also be aware that one is required and request to see it before agreeing to start work.

The one exception to the requirement for a survey is if the duty holder can demonstrate that there is no asbestos present in the building. The most common reason for this is that the premises were constructed after 2000, when the complete ban on the use of asbestos as a building material came into force.

What does an asbestos refurbishment / demolition survey involve?

The surveyor’s job is to locate and identify all asbestos containing materials and debris in the premises. Unlike a standard asbestos management survey, there is no need for the condition of the asbestos to be recorded, although it is usual to report any materials that are in a dangerous state.

In order to do this, the surveyor must use destructive inspection techniques that are likely to cause some asbestos disturbance. Due to this requirement, the area being surveyed must be vacated until the job and subsequent clean-up are completed, and then certified fit for reoccupation.

The survey is a key part of the risk assessment for any refurbishment or demolition project and should be used to plan the work in the safest possible way. Typically, this will involve hiring a licensed asbestos contractor to remove and dispose of any asbestos containing materials to prevent tradesmen / demolition workers accidentally disturbing the fibres.

Asbestos refurbishment / demolition surveys from BLS Asbestos

BLS Asbestos is a licensed asbestos removal contractor with vast experience of working on demolition projects and refurbishment jobs that range from retail premises and warehouses to public buildings and office blocks.

Our specialist surveyors will do a thorough job to help you protect your staff and contractors, and comply with all asbestos regulations throughout your project.

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Published: 27th April 2017