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HSE launches refurbishment site campaign

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The Health and Safety Executive has launched a nationwide programme of targeted unannounced inspections at refurbishment sites to check that asbestos regulations and other safety guidelines are being correctly implemented.

As part of a campaign running until September 27th 2013, inspectors will call at sites where refurbishment and repair projects are underway and look at how high-risk activities, such as those that could result in exposure to harmful dusts, are being managed.

The aim of the action is to reinforce the message that poor risk management can lead to illness, injury and even death, and while inspectors will focus on providing improvement advice, the HSE’s chief inspector of construction Heather Bryant has made it clear that companies found to be deliberately cutting corners will face “robust” legal action.

"Too many people die or are seriously injured every year on Britain's construction sites as a result of entirely avoidable incidents,” added Ms Bryant. “Just as importantly, workers are unnecessarily being exposed to serious health risks, such as asbestos or silica dust, which can have fatal or debilitating consequences.”

A similar initiative in February and March saw 2,363 sites visited by inspectors and 631 enforcement notices issued, including 451 that ordered an immediate halt to work.

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Published: 12th September 2013