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Demolition contractor fined for breach of asbestos regulations

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A demolition contractor in Northern Ireland has been fined £12,000 for breach of asbestos regulations.

An investigation by the HSENI found that Leslie Wright had not carried out a pre-demolition survey for outbuildings in Ballyhalbert, although an asbestos management survey had been carried out by the site owner which identified asbestos to be present.

However, the system of work used in the demolition was not safe and fell short of acceptable work practices, resulting in asbestos-containing materials being disturbed and spread. There was no risk assessment or written plan for the removal of asbestos on the site.

HSENI inspector Denise Donaghy said: “There is no safe level of asbestos and the correct procedures for working with asbestos-containing materials are long established. It is a legal requirement that these procedures and control measures are put in place to prevent the spread of and exposure to asbestos.”

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Published: 28th October 2013