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Asbestos removal a target issue for HSE inspectors

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  • Asbestos removal a target issue for HSE inspectors

Checking that asbestos removal has been carried out by licensed contractors will be a major focus for Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors over the next 12 months.

Heather Bryant, the Chief Inspector of Construction, has revealed the issues her teams will concentrate on during 2014/15, and one of them is preventing occupational ill health, including work-related cancers.

As part of this aim, HSE inspectors will target asbestos removal work in order to make certain it is being completed safely and, where necessary, by licensed contractors.

The body also plans to target refurbishment, home build, small project and large contractor sites for inspections that focus on asbestos risks, working at height, occupational health risks and provision of welfare facilities.

As part of this, HSE inspectors have been given a number of specific projects, including checks on loft conversions to ensure work at height and asbestos risks are being correctly managed.

The body will back this up by publishing a ‘Busy Builder Sheet’ to help ensure that small businesses understand the standards they need to hit.

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Published: 2nd June 2014