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Asbestos management in refurbishment sector concerns HSE

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Too many construction and refurbishment contractors are still failing to follow the correct asbestos management procedures, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned.

The safety regulator spoke out after a month-long programme of unannounced inspections, which resulted in 20% of the 1,748 sites visited being issued with formal enforcement notices.

A lack of protection for people working at height was the most common fault discovered, but 35% of the notices served related to health risks, including management of asbestos and failure to control harmful dusts.

Philip White, the HSE’s chief of construction, said that while most employers in the industry demonstrated a good knowledge of safety procedures, a significant minority continued to fail their workers.

“Health is often overlooked as its implications are not immediately visible, however the effects of uncontrolled exposure to deadly dusts such as asbestos and silica can be irreversible,” he said.

“We urge industry to ensure the most basic of measures such as use of protective equipment and dust suppression methods are put in place to help protect the future health of workers.”

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Published: 17th November 2014