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Asbestos Removal Process

Due to the delicate and potentially hazardous nature of asbestos removal, we have implemented a strict process which we ensure is adhered to on each project.

  • On receipt of an enquiry, a project manager is assigned who will remain with the project until completion.
  • Should a site survey be required this is arranged. Click here for more information on Asbestos Surveys.
  • A detailed quotation is then provided followed by a further site visit to prepare the risk assessment / method statement for the project.
  • If works are deemed ‘notifiable’ the relevant enforcing authority (HSE or local council) will be notified of intention to commence removal. The statutory notification period to commence asbestos removal is 14 days.
  • The specialist team of asbestos removal operatives will be briefed on site.
  • The works will require full enclosure to prevent spread of asbestos fibres. This will include:
      • full sheeting using 1000 gauge visqueen and cloth tape
      • spray adhesive and timber supports where necessary
      • 3 stage airlock and baglock system
      • decontamination unit to allow operatives to safely shower and decontaminate themselves
      • enclosure subjected to negative pressure to ensure at least 8 air changes an hour are observed.
  • Before work commences a smoke test will be undertaken to ensure no leaks are present.
  • Operatives wear specialist respiratory protection equipment and type 5/6 disposable overalls at all times.
  • Standard operating procedures such as ‘wetting down’ and ‘shadow vacuuming’ will be undertaken.
  • All asbestos will be double bagged or wrapped and sealed prior to disposal at a licensed landfill site specifically for asbestos waste.
  • Following the removal, the area will be fully vacuum cleaned and wiped.
  • An independent UKAS accredited analytical company will then visit the site and carry out a 4 stage clearance including air monitoring to ensure the area is now safe for occupation.
  • The analytical company will issue a ‘Reoccupation Certificate’ which is passed to our client as evidence of job completeness.
  • The client will also receive the waste consignment note as evidence that the waste has been appropriately disposed of.