We specialise in the removal of asbestos from industrial and commercial locations across Skegness.

Local and national companies trust us to remove asbestos containing materials safely and around the needs of their businesses.

We primarily operate in the following sectors, however we can remove asbestos from almost anywhere.

Examples of some of the companies we have removed asbestos for are - 

  • Nestle
  • Royal Air Force
  • Santander
  • The Co-Operative

Take a look at some of our case studies, highlighting our teams ability to remove asbestos containing materials from a wide variety of locations.

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Am I likely to have asbestos in my property?

You are most likely to have asbestos in your property if it was constructed or renovated before the year 2000. This is because asbestos was still used in the UK until 1999. 

It is now banned from any use in the UK but if you find asbestos in your property then you must take care not to disturb it. It is always recommended to have an asbestos removal company like ourselves come and determine if it is asbestos (by conducting an asbestos survey) and if so, we will carry out the asbestos removal safely.

Asbestos containing materials can be found all over commercial and industrial property, however some of the most common areas where we find it are -

  • Asbestos cement, which can be found on chimney flues, guttering, downpipes and panels.
  • Asbestos insulation board (AIB).
  • Lagging, which is commonly used as insulation on boilers and pipes.
  • Panels in fire doors and windows.
  • Loose fill insulation.
  • Artex and textured wall coatings.

This is only a few of the places we come across asbestos regularly and this image shows just how wide spread it use was in construction. We also have a list of areas you could find asbestos containing materials.

If you have any suspicions at all that you have asbestos containing materials in your property, or you would like peace of mind that there isn't any, please get in contact with us and we will carry out an asbestos survey.

Are there any licenses needed to remove asbestos in the UK?

A license is required to work with and remove licensable asbestos, which is the most dangerous type of work. 

This includes work -

  • where worker exposure to asbestos is not sporadic and of low intensity; or
  • where the risk assessment cannot clearly demonstrate that the control limit will not be exceeded ie 0.1 asbestos fibres per cubic centimetre of air (0.1 f/cm3) (averaged over a four hour period); or
  • on asbestos coating; or
  • on asbestos insulation or asbestos insulating board where the risk assessment demonstrates that the work is not short duration work, eg when work with these materials will take no more than two hours in any seven day period, and no one person works for more than one hour in that two hour period. [source]


Our license to work with this type of asbestos can be seen here.

We always highly recommend that any asbestos found in a property is dealt with by professionals like ourselves, either through encapsulation or removal. We highly recommend you not to remove the asbestos yourself due to the risks it can pose to long term human health.

Health and safety is a major concern for our staff, customers and the general public when working with asbestos containing materials.

Because of this, we are members of the following bodies and take regular guidance and instruction from them -  

 You can read more about our health and safety qualifications here.

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