Health and Safety controls in potentially delicate environments are always at the forefront of our operation when containing and removing asbestos in the manufacturing and FMCG sector

Manufacturing and FMCG environments can have lots of health and safety controls, as work around chemicals, food preparation areas and manufacturing lines require care and consideration. There may also be incidences where asbestos removal that is near heavy and expensive industrial machinery is required and we always take extra vigilance to adhere and tailor our approach to work alongside your onsite health and safety instruction. 

Working at height, in warmer environments and electrostatic discharge (ESD) areas all require different levels of expertise and experience, which BLS Asbestos have in abundance

Below are a couple of examples of what our staff are trained for are - 

  • Constructing, moving and deconstructing tower scaffolds (PASMA certified)
  • Roof work

We take care to prevent any downtime in the production of your operation, by working around your operating times and you can be safe in the knowledge that our vast experience of working in manufacturing and FMCG environments means we are able to work to the strict health and safety operations you will likely have in place, on site. 

If you would like more information about our expertise to encapsulate and remove asbestos containing materials from manufacturing and FMCG environments then please get in touch with us via the contact form on this page or by telephone 01484 400558. 

Read the following case study highlighting our experience of asbestos removal in the manufacturing and and FMCG sector


Comment from a Nestle representative -

"A well delivered project in a busy time for the factory; thank you to all involved." 

"BLS Asbestos provide a professional and quality service enabling Hanover to deal with issues arising from the management of asbestos in compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006."

Asbestos Removal from Social Housing for Hanover Housing

5 star review