We specialise in the removal of licensable asbestos in locations where businesses often operate, such as - 

  • Warehouse and FMCG environments
  • Demolitions and renovations
  • Public sector property
  • Prisons
  • Colleges and universities
  • NHS property
  • The high street and out-of-town shopping villages

If you have a business property in Ashbourne and suspect that you have asbestos containing materials in or around the property, then get in contact with us today.

Who is liable for asbestos in a business or commercial property?

According to the HSE - 

If you’re the landlord, tenant or managing agent of a commercial property you may be responsible for managing asbestos, unless your contract or lease says otherwise.

Failure to have a plan of action to remove or encapsulate the asbestos could lead to -

  • £20,000 fine
  • 12 months in prison

It also doesn't matter if the property is derelict or vacant. Without a clear plan to have the asbestos containing materials dealt with could lead to a penalty. 

As well as asbestos removal, we can also provide asbestos surveys, which are designed to highlight if asbestos is present in or around your property, as well as determining what type of asbestos it is and the risk it poses.

Some common examples of where you might find asbestos in your industrial property are -

  • Lagging on pipes and boilers
  • Loose fill insulation
  • Asbestos cement
  • Asbestos insulation board
  • Panels in windows and doors
  • Floor and roof tiles

This visual highlights just how widespread asbestos containing products can be.

Health and safety

Working to remove licensable asbestos means that we require a license to work with it, as well as a license to transport it for secure disposal. More about both of our licenses can be seen here.

The risks of working to remove licensable asbestos means that we take health and safety extremely seriously. Because of this we are members of the following bodies, who we take regular guidance from -

In addition we also have the following certifications -

  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems
  • ISO 14001 and related standards
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

All three of these certificates can be downloaded.

If you suspect you have asbestos in or around your property in Ashbourne then get in contact with us today to quote for its immediate removal. 

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