We have been removing licensable asbestos and transporting it for safe and secure disposal for over 20 years.

Licensable work with asbestos is conducted when there are high levels of asbestos fibres in the air, whilst it also being labour intensive work to have the asbestos containing materials removed. The HSE have guidance on this here.

We carry out licensable asbestos removal for many sectors, including - 

Our ethos is to remove asbestos containing materials as quickly and safely as possible, whilst ensuring that we interfere with your daily business operations as minimally as possible.

If you would like us to conduct an asbestos survey on your property in Stafford or quote for an asbestos removal project that you need carrying out then get in contact with us now.

Can asbestos be found in all industrial and commercial properties?

The short answer is no.

Asbestos containing materials were used in the construction industry for decades across the UK, because asbestos fibres are good at insulating, whilst also being heat resistant.

However long term exposure to asbestos fibres were found to cause lung diseases and so were fully banned from use in the UK in 1999.

The HSE state that -

"Asbestos can be found in any industrial or residential building built or refurbished before the year 2000."

This means that if your property in Stafford was built or renovated before the 2000 then you should assume that it could be housing asbestos containing materials.

If you are the landord, tennant or managing agent of a commercial property then it may be your responsibility to manage the asbestos containing materials on the property.

Get in touch with us now and we can guide you through what your next steps should be to responsibly manage the asbestos containing materials.

How quickly can we remove the asbestos containing materials from your property?

Initially we will conduct an asbestos survey to determine if and what types of asbestos containing materials are on site.

If the survey shows that asbestos is present on site then we will plan an asbestos removal project around the needs of your business or project, before finally executing the asbestos removal plan.

We take health and safety advice from a number of bodies, including  - 

You can also see our credentials for being able to legally remove licensable asbestos in the UK, with numerous case studies to back up our experience across a wide range of sectors.

Get in touch now for more information about how we can remove asbestos containing materials for you safely and securely from your property in Stafford.


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