We are specialists in the safe and secure removal of asbestos from commercial properties and work with the aim of creating minimal disruption to your business in Burnley.

With over 20 years experience of providing asbestos removal services across the country, we have the skills and experience that are necessary to create and execute a successful asbestos removal project.

If you think that you have asbestos in your property then contact us and we will arrange for an asbestos survey to be carried out at your convenience.

Where can asbestos reside within my property?

Asbestos can reside in many areas within both commercial and residential properties, many of which we have highlighted here, however a quick overview of common examples we often see are - 

  • Artex, which is a textured coating that was used in decorating. An example of this can be seen here
  • Asbestos guttering and downpipes
  • Floor and roof tiles
  • Lagging, which was commonly used as insulation on pipes
  • Sprayed on coating on beams, ceilings and walls

Asbestos was used in construction and renovations up until it was banned in the UK in the year 2000, so it is still common to find asbestos in commercial properties. Landlords and owners of commercial property are responsible for asbestos management on their properties, with examples of what asbestos can look like here.

Get in contact with us through the contact form on this page or via telephone at 01484 400558 and we can arrange for an asbestos survey to map out where it sits within your property in Burnley before carrying out the removal of asbestos from the building.

What qualifications do BLS Asbestos Ltd have for removing asbestos from commercial properties in the UK?

The removal and transportation of asbestos in the UK requires licences, which include -

  • Licence number 991904287 - Licence to work with asbestos insulation and asbestos insulation board for the purpose of removal.
  • Registration number CBDU180277 - Licence to safely transport and dispose of asbestos once removed.

Read more about these licenses, as well as our certificates of registration for ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 management systems.

In addition we also have several memberships and accreditations, which include - 


If you would like to speak to one of our representatives about an asbestos removal project in Burnley, or you simply would like some more information about asbestos and where you are likely to find it in your property then please get in touch with us via the contact form on this page of via telephone at 01484 400558.


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