Asbestos Removal Contract for West Yorkshire School

Asbestos removal and encapsulation work for a local high school

Keeping a school safe for students and staff.


BLS Asbestos tendered and won a contract at a High School in West Yorkshire managed by a Local Authority, which was pleased to appoint us as a local asbestos risk management company with a 3-year asbestos licence to provide comprehensive asbestos removal services.

Project Details

The works were as follows:

A full decontamination of the riser to Preparation Stores over 3 floors; full decontamination of the riser including removal of an existing block wall.

Decontamination of the small office area/store, including cleaning of existing stored items as necessary and disposal of items which could not be properly cleaned.

We carried out scraping to walls and ceiling of the boiler room (and adjacent smaller room) using manual tools such as hand scrapers, followed by an environmental clean of surfaces as necessary. Encapsulation of the walls following the clearance as requested.

A thorough decontamination was carried out of a very large undercroft area using manual tools and H-Type vacuums.

ASB5 Notification of Work documentation was produced and issued to the Health and Safety Executive and kept updated for works to the boiler house, riser and undercroft locations.

The site file was kept up-to-date throughout the contract period and issued by the site supervisor.

All analytical certificates of reoccupation and consignment notes are held on file.

Our site works were audited (unannounced visits) by our Health & Safety Manager during the contract duration to confirm full compliance.


West Yorkshire

Asbestos Removal

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