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Finding out that you have asbestos on your Liverpool property can be stressful, but using a professional asbestos removal company like ourselves will help you reduce any stress, as we take a professional approach to removing asbestos.

BLS Asbestos have a strong reputation across Liverpool for quickly and safely removing asbestos, supporting new and established businesses in the area as they look to develop and grow.

What should I do if I find asbestos in my Liverpool property?

If you find asbestos on your property then the first thing to do is not panic. As long as the asbestos has been left untouched then it shouldn't be a hazard to you.

However inhaling asbestos can have disastrous consequences for your health, so if you are concerned then we have a page full of asbestos FAQs which may answer some of your questions. 

There are six main types of asbestos, which are chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, anthophyllite, tremolite and actinolite, although you are most likely to come across only three types which are chrysotile (white asbestos), amosite (brown asbestos) and crocidolite (blue asbestos) but as mentioned above, as long as the asbestos is untouched then it should remain unhazardous, although we strongly recommend that you get in touch with an asbestos removal company like ourselves to assess the situation with an asbestos survey

Asbestos can be found in any property built before the year 2000 and is found in products and areas such as - 

  • Asbestos cloth, rope and string
  • Asbestos cement sheets and roof tiles
  • Wallboards
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Ovens and Furnaces
  • Hairdryers
  • Irons
  • Ironing board covers
  • Toasters
  • Stove-top pads
  • Brake-pads and brake-pad linings
  • Clutch facings
  • Floor Tiles
  • Mastics and Sealants
  • Toilet cisterns
  • Posts and fencing
  • Planters
  • ...and many more

Should I be worried about asbestos in Liverpool?

Other than London, Liverpool was one of the most bombed cities in the UK during World War II. A huge amount of regeneration went on in the city when the war ended,  meaning that asbestos was widely used before it was made illegal in 2000.

As many homes, schools, hospitals, shops and government offices were rebuilt, it isn't surprising to read that there is still a lot of asbestos in Liverpool that needs removing. 

BLS hold a full three year licence to remove asbestos insulation and asbestos insulation board, as well as a licence to transport hazardous waste, which highlights our ability and willingness to help you remove and dispose asbestos safely from your Liverpool property.

With over 20 years experience of removing asbestos, we have have removed asbestos in a wide range of sectors such as - 

How quickly can BLS Asbestos remove asbestos from my Liverpool property?

We are based in the North of England which means that we can quickly provide you with an asbestos survey on your property. 

Once this survey is complete, we can establish whether you have asbestos on your Liverpool property, where that asbestos is situated, what materials it is contained within and then we can commence with the asbestos removal project. 

We always try to ensure that our work has minimal impact on your business, as we work around your needs. If you would like to find out about how we do this then why not have a read of some of our case studies, highlighting our past work of removing asbestos in Liverpool.

If you would like to know more information then please get in touch via the contact form on this page, or if you would like to speak to one of our representatives on the telephone then please call 01484 400558.


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